Procedure for Handling Cargo Claims

All claims or intent to claim must be made in writing to Kintetsu World Express Canada Inc (KWE Canada). Please complete the KWE Canada Formal Claim Form clearly to avoid any delays and submit by one of the following:

  • Online
  • Overnight Courier

Courier to:
Kintetsu World Express Canada Inc
6405 Northam Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V 1J2
Attention to Claims Department

All claims (for possible Damage, Shortage, or Theft) must be filed immediately upon discovery of incident with a maximum allowable notice period of 9 months from receipt of goods. In the case of concealed damage, KWE Canada must be notified within 48hrs of delivery date by email and then followed up with your intent to claim. Please note claims may take up to several months to process and reach a settlement depending on the nature of your claim.

1) Filing Intent to Claim:

The following documents MUST accompany the claims:

  • Commercial Invoice (Shipper’s Original Invoice)
  • Packing Slip/List
  • HAWB/HBL/MAWB/MBL OR Trip Number/Order Number
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Inspection Report
  • Destruction Certificate
  • Related pictures and other documents

2) Damage/Shortage:

a) Damages or shortages must be clearly defined and noted on the delivery receipt or POD when such delivery is made. The following notations are NOT acceptable and will not validate your claim request.

“Subject to Inspection”
“Possible Shortage”
“Possible Damage”

b) KWE Canada must be notified immediately within 48hrs of delivery date regarding any damage that exceeds $1,000 and will also reviewing an inspection report for the damaged goods reported.

c) All material pertaining to the damaged freight should be held in a secure area until inspection is taken place. Failure to retain all related packaging can result in delay or possible denial of your claim.

3) Concealed Damage:

a) KWE Canada must be notified within 48hrs of delivery date by email. Packaging must be retained for inspection.

4) Valuation Clauses:

  • KWE Canada will not accept liability for cargo claims of $50.00 and under. Administrative costs and following up on such claims would normally exceed the amount of recovery for the customer. Filing and processing such claim is not economically prudent for any of the parties.
  • All claims are settled based on the terms and conditions in the bill of lading unless a declared value was freight stated on the bill of lading and additional insurance had been arrange at the time the order was placed with KWE Canada.
  • KWE Canada is liable only for the value of the goods at time of shipping and not liable for overhead expenses, lost profits, labor charge, freight charge and administration fees, etc.
  • Shipments must be checked according to the carrier’s pro bill/AWB and/or the original shipper’s bill of lading, not the packing slip.
  • KWE Canada reserves the right to salvage/recover cost of goods (in the case of full value claims) once claim is settled unless the contracted agreement stipulates otherwise.
  • The failure of a claimant to act upon a written request for documentation, freight charge payment, claim amendment, salvage request or return a proof of loss statement within thirty (30) days from the date of written request will cause the claim to be denied and it shall not be reopened.
  • KWE Canada is not liable for goods shipped at “Owner’s Risk of Damages” or for goods not properly crated or packaged. This type of claim should be filed with your supplier.
  • All formal claims must be filed within 9 months from the date of shipment together with a copy of the paid freight bill.
  • The claims that KWE Canada pays to claimants are not subject to the GST/HST.

Claims Department

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